Satya Bodyworks - Yoga and Thai Massage
Thai Massage
Thai Massage is an ancient art form of long-held stretches, energy/meridian stimulation, structural alignment, deep-tissue release and therapeutic massage that brings openness and calm to the body. Coined “lazy man’s yoga”–joints, muscles, and energy is moved through slow sequences that integrate full body synergy and/ or concentrate on specific injuries or restrictions. Thai massage is a clothed massage done on a mat.
Some of my specialities are sports injuries, work-related injury (especially carpal tunnel), hips, shoulders, and lower back. 

I have studied with Sarah Yovovich, Bonnie Argo, Reflections Yoga, and Wat Po. Combining my knowledge of Anusara Yoga and Acro Yoga, I mindfully tailor each massage to meet your specific needs and cultivate your innnate power to heal. 

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